" Where Words fail,
music speaks. "






2004. First time high.

At 13 years old, for the first time, I touched a turntable, a mixer and vinyls. I was instantly fascinated with the idea of recreating music and injecting my ideas into existing productions. I listened to a lot of songs and many times caught myself telling friends how ‘I love the first drop, but then it gets kind of same-y…’
I thought having turntables would be the perfect toy to highlight my favourite parts of songs and blend out parts I wasn’t too keen on.

2006. Wobbly like pudding.

While my friends were celebrating their first computers and PlayStations, I was saving every penny to buy my first pair of belt-driven turntables. They were wobbly like pudding. My first pair of needles weren’t the best either – I had to glue two 50-cent coins on them so they’d stay on the vinyl. Then I bought a basic two-channel battle mixer and my equipment was complete.
What about the vinyls? Well…
I started scratching most of my parents’ vinyl reserves until they faded. Some of them were my mom and dad’s greatest party memories in the 70s and 80s.


2007. No holding back.


At sixteen I finally had the money to invest on a pair of Technics 1210 and a Rane TTM56. Sliding the vinyls back and forth on this heavyweight felt like driving a Ferrari as compared to my old rickety dj equipment, a Toyota Corolla. From this point there was no holding back. I knew I wanted to make my hobby and my passion to a lifestyle and so I did. I started mixing for my friends’ 18th birthdays and college parties. These small-time gigs would lead me to the clubs in and around my hometown. My luck rolled like stone and three years later I’m booked all over Germany. I quit my job in hotel management and lived my little dream.


2015. The fire sleeps.


By 2015 I was able to look back on more than 100 shows per year. The dream became a routine.

My fire and passion for music faded. Living for the night while my family, partner and friends enjoyed activities during the day weighed me down. I decided to get a backpack, pause my career for a while and explore the world. I travelled Asia for 1.5 years without touching a vinyl. In Bali I met two other Germans out of the entertainment industry. We started running a bar, a club and a boat cruise. I was suddenly back in the party scene.
After an intense time in Indonesia I made my way Down Under where I lived in a van for a year, drove around the country and got the chance to play at Burning Seed – the Burning Man franchise in Australia.


2017. Brand new projects.


To rekindle business relations I went back to Europe. Bermuda Media was born, in partnership with my old friends Jan and David. Today we organize club events all over Germany. In March 2017 I got booked at the biggest beach festival in the Philippines (Boracay Island).

2018. Transformation of the soul.

Tibetan Singing Bowls and a Native American Flute found their way to me and lit a new fire in me. Inspired by artists like Nicola Cruz, Dandara and Kalya Scintilla I decided to follow the tribal, organic and partly trippy world of music. Audio Mantras, Sound healing and Omstrumentals catched my attention and build the perfect base for my musical expression. Each of my today’s mixes is telling a story out of my personal travel experiences in the past 4 years all around the Globe.

And today?
Today I’m trekking the Himalayas of Nepal and soaking up new inspiration for future projects.

Some Events I played at which stayed in my heart are:

AfrikaBurn 2019 (South Africa)
Blazing Swan & Burning Seed
(Burning Man Australia)
Nowhere (Burning Man Europe)
Shankra (Switzerland)
7 Chakra (Italy)
MoDem (Croatia)
Frequencies of Nature (Germany)
Boracay Music Festival (Philippines)
La Favela (Bali Indonesia)


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